Ronson Rondelight, Baby.

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Rare1932 Ronson Rondelight, Baby.

Good Condition.



The "Baby" Ronson Ball Lighter is both rare and desireable.

Because it was primarily sold as part of one of the combination sets, and not often on it's own.

Further, though initially surprising, is the fact that all ball lghters, from Dunhill, Ronson, Kaschie or any other manufacturer suffer from regularly being dropped!

There must be something about the shape that makes it easy to mis-handle.

Consequently these lighters seem to be either damaged or missing. And this lighter becomes the missing part of many a Ronson set.

Below are pictures of both sides, please note the single screw for the fulcrum, making this an "Old Standard" fitment.


Returning to the damage that regularly occurs, as I said Ball Lighters tend to get dropped, therfore they tend to have large, significant dents, often many dents. And whilst this Lighter is not in perfect cosmetic condition, it does not have any significant dents, just 1 very small dint.




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Book References  Ronson, The World's Greatest Lighter. Figure 261.
Overall Dimensions to nearest 0.01       Height   Diameter              
Inches 2.22  1.69    
Centimetres  5.66  4.30    


My personal, subjective opinion as to how rare this particular precise model may be, in this specific material, but irrespective of the finish.

1. Most Rare of all.  
2. Extremely Rare    
3. Very Rare  Very Rare
4. Rare  
5. Quite Rare  
6. Uncommon  
7. Common  
8. Very Common  
 Cosmetic Condition Chrome ring somewhat spotted. Black Enamel Ring on mechanism slightly damaged near front. Chrome on base of mechanism scratched. 1 small dint.
 Mechanical Condition  Perfect
 Operation  Works 100%
 Desirability     1. Most Desirable of all  
2. Extremely Desirable  
3. Very Desirable  Very Desirable
4. Desirable  
 Extremely Desirable if you need it to make up your Ronson Combination!